The Object of Desire – Sept ’17

The Object of Desire is not a desire for me! Check out the blunder Fab Bag did in their birthday month issue… Continue reading The Object of Desire – Sept ’17


How To Be A Bawse // Things I Learned

We all have been reading this amazing self help and motivational book by the one and only iisuperwomanii aka Lilly Singh. Motivational and inspirational things I learned are: Video games are a great analogy for life. You go through levels, get thrown off by obstacles, and face several enemies. The game will become harder and harder, but its okay because you become smarter, faster and … Continue reading How To Be A Bawse // Things I Learned

Barkha + Abhishek

– Project – E-wedding Invitation. This is a personal artwork for a friend. –Brief — The invitation should be minimal and look classy. Floral with a vintage look and eye catching colours. — Client — Barkha Chawla – A college friend of mine. She’s a fashionista and through the artwork done, I described her indirectly.  For a better view, do visit my online portfolio – … Continue reading Barkha + Abhishek