Let me share love and happiness with you today. My love for the “pink notes”. These pink notes are hand written and sealed with love. It was just some random day when I was instagramming and had no picture to share, that’s when I came across an idea which spread a smile on my face. I thought of spreading a smile on someone…and there in my mind came Ms. Sneha Singh – style expert and merchandiser at 20Dresses.

That’s when I rushed to my room and got all the pink notes. I arranged them in such a way that they look as if they are kept randomly. I picked up my mobile and clicked a picture…and there, magic spread all around. I felt so happy and so good. I posted the picture on Instagram and tagged Ms. Sneha Singh and 20Dresses. It felt really good!

Make someone smile. You’ll feel nice. Make someone feel happy and happiness will be with you. Your smile definitely will change your world like it changed mine 🙂

Make someone smile today and you’ll do that forever. Write a hand written note once in a while to someone you love.

“Be the reason someone smiles today”

– Jessica Pancholi


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