What has a quote got to do with an individual’s life? Ever thought about it? Well, I have an answer…let’s hope it justifies the question.

How would have our lives been if there were no quotes at all. It would be se emotionless and meaninglessness.

I have lived my life till now on quotes. They play a major role in my life. My every emotion is connected to a quote directly or indirectly!

It has been some time…since I decided to create my own quote. It is not necessary that every quote a person writes has to mean that they have been through that phase that is hidden in the quote…well, not for me at least.

I have been reading quotes since a really really long time, and so they have inspired me to write one for myself 🙂

I would love to write many more quotes which will inspire and motivate you. Give me a bit of motivation now and I’ll return that with bundles! Why don’t you even start writing quotes and inspire and motivate others too? Good idea na?

– Jessica Pancholi


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