Who am I?

I’m sure you have questioned this infinite times to your self. Did you get an answer? Are you still searching for an answer?

There comes a time in your life when you have no one around you…just YOU, yourself. Alone. There is a high time and a low time. Every person on this beautiful world experiences it. We have to learn to spend some quality time with our self. We’ll come to know who we really are when we talk to our self. People around you may tell you how you are…but is that really you? Are you sure about that?

To know who you are, spend time with your self. Think, think…not too hard, but think – Why are you here? What has brought you here? Why couldn’t you be there instead?

Read books that inspire you, practice meditation, spend time alone, go for long walks to the beach, sing songs which make you happy no matter how bad your voice may be, laugh hard and share the laughter. Think about this and create your identity! This is the time. If you don’t work on yourself now, you may regret later. And I am pretty sure that no one from us want to regret.

– Jessica Pancholi


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