I came across this article of Superwoman and I really really liked it a lot. In this world of social media, I am sure that you all might have read it but just in case you have missed out reading it. In the Indian society, a wedding is not just the coming together of two people rather two souls. In fact, a wedding also brings two families closer, which thereafter share a bond of respect and affection.

When I was younger, society gave me an invisible check-list. It suggested that I should go to school, get a degree, graduate, find a ‘good’ job, get married and then have kids. And hey, that’s what some people want and that’s great. But I don’t and I’m not a product on an assembly line. Instead I’ve created my own list of goals and ambitions that reflect who I want to be. So next time during an interview or at a family party, if you want to know why I don’t have a husband yet at the age of 26, it’s because my purpose on this planet isn’t just to be somebody’s wife. I’m more than that. And all my sisters, you’re more than that.

Don’t limit yourself to daydreaming about your wedding entrance or how your outfit will look. Daydream about being president, making a difference in the world or having your dream job. It’s scary to go beyond the limits that have been placed on you, but trust me when I say from experience, it’s so worth it. You will change the world.

One day, you may become a wife or a mother and those are special positions to have. But please do not live your life thinking marriage and motherhood is your purpose on this planet. You are more than your ability to nurture and bare children. You have a unique brain and skill set that can help you achieve whatever you set your mind to, provided you work hard for it. So start working.

Create your own path and don’t be scared if it has less traffic than the main road.

With love x

Ain’t these words from Superwoman inspiring? I really liked the way she took Marriage as…

– Jessica Pancholi


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