I am sure we all have different tastes in music. I’m here to share my musical world with you all. Well, I have no idea who reads my posts…but for the love of expressing myself in this BIG world, I write. Maybe you or someone else may reach here by mistake 😛

I am a young hopeless romantic soul. I survive on song that touch me emotionally. Having great love for Bollywood, I’m a die hard fan of ghazals by the King of Ghazal – Jagjit Singh! He’s song connect with me so much. I picture myself and get lost in his world.

My favourite has been “Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho…” I can listen this song back to back for infinite times. I so love this song!

Take a look at the lovely song:

 तुम इतना जो मुस्कुरा रहे हो

क्या गम है जिसको छुपा रहे हो

How is it so that you are smiling so much,

What is the sorrow that you are hiding…

आँखों में नमी, हँसी लबों पर

क्या हाल है, क्या दिखा रहे हो

There is wetness in your eyes n smile on the lips,

What’s your condition & what are you trying to show it as… [as in, why are you trying to hide your sadness]

बन जायेंगे जहर पीते पीते

ये अश्क जो पीते जा रहे हो

If you keep drinking, they’ll become poison for you,

These tears that you are keeping on drinking…

जिन जख्मों को वक्त भर चला है

तुम क्यों उन्हें छेड़े जा रहे हो

Those wounds that the time has almost healed,
Why are you keeping on disturbing them…

रेखाओं का खेल है मुकद्दर

रेखाओं से मात खा रहे हो

Fate is a game of lines (of the palm)

You are just getting defeated by lines…

I love EDM too! You will see me partying at one time and the other time you’ll see me all alone listening to ghazals. Yes! I am one of a kind 😀

So what if I am an old school girl?!

– Jessica Pancholi


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