All we need is love…

We have all heard this line, “Love makes the world go round”. Isn’t this really true? When you’re in love, the moments in life just move so fast. You don’t even get time to pause them, do you?

So today, let us all talk about love. Let’s spread love in our beautiful life. Let’s show love to our family members, friends and colleagues. Take time for people you love, they will be proud of you.

The first ones to show love are your parents! Yes, you read that right! Without your parents, you are nothing. You all agree, don’t you? Well, so yes, carry on…do something special for them today. I’m sure they will remember it forever. Ever been a chef for them? No, then cook for them today! Ever opened your heart to them? No, then spend time talking them. Ever been on a long drive with them? No, then take them on one! See, we have so many things that we can do with our first love! 👪

The second in the line are friends! Ahhh, how can we not love them! They are the ones with whom we have laughed and cried a lot! They have been by our side throughout our school life…some have also accompanied us in the same college and then the same university. But some of them moved to another town or place after school life came to an end. We are all in constant touch through social media and sometimes we meet up for reunions too! It feels amazing to see everyone after a long time, doesn’t it? 💁

There comes a phase in everyone’s life where we start working and earning to live life by ourselves. Some start working at an early age while studying whereas some start working once they have completed their studies. At work, we make a new group of friends who are called Colleagues in professional terms. We spend most of our time with them, don’t we? We share our stories with them and they share theirs with us and life is fun! 📠

Then, we get married! Some get married to their love while some marry a match selected by their family. Our way of living changes and sometimes we also have to adjust. While this happens, love grows! We feel secure and know that our better half will always be there for us no matter what the situation may be. 💑

After all, life is all about love. We live to love and for love! There is nothing greater then love in this world. ❤

-Jessica Pancholi


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