I love cats. Do you?
They look so cute to me no matter what color they are. The soft and fluffy snowball which always make you say, “awww…so cute”. Did you know that the 8th of August is regarded as World Cat Day!! Isn’t that cute??

I really wish to have a pet cat one day. Eagerly waiting for the day to come 😀 I have always adored the pictures of cats on the internet and I have been saving them. My friends know how much I love cats that they have started calling me “Billi” which is Hindi for cat. My mom, nonetheless also calls me a cat sometime 😛 I have loved cats since I was a child…and my favorite nursery rhyme was “Pussy cat, Pussy cat where have you been?”

People say that cats are mean and they don’t care about anything…so what’s the big deal? If you know how to treat your cat well…they will always love you back ❤ How can these cute furballs be so evil!! They definitely can not be! The way you treat them, the same way they will be 🙂

I always imagine how life will be when I’ll have a pet cat. Having your cat besides you on bed when you are lying down…image the furball keeping their head on your arm and giving you company, imagine your cat sitting besides you when you are all alone in the house! I just can not stop imagining such stuffs!! I am going to go crazy if I don’t get a cat soon.

Kittens are angels with whiskers. – Alexis Flora Hope

– Jessica Pancholi


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