Everyone of us here travel from one place to another. We travel by trains, planes, ships or any other public transport available. We meet many people every time we travel. People with different backgrounds, cultures, traditions, beliefs, lifestyle, introverts, extroverts and many others. The world is such a beautiful place, we have everything in it 😁

Life is one such journey where we meet different people at different stages. Some people stay with us for a long time while some just stay for a short period. People around us teach us many things in our own life. Life is one such journey which we love a lot ❤

Today, I was traveling from one city to another by train…I was not able to find my seat in the coach and at the same time I was also confused what my seat number was…like 34 or 39? Luckily both the seats were in the same compartment. There was a man sitting on seat 39 and I told him that that’s my seat and I have a confirmed booking. He offered me a seat next to him besides the aisle. I settled there and arranged my luggage under the seat and then checked my ticket on the phone to confirm my seat. And there it said that I was allotted seat 34 and not 39!!!! This was a big embarrassment for me. I told the man that the seat I got was number 34 and not 39. The man was soft hearted and said, “koi baat nahi beta, kabhi kabhi hota hai bhul se” (Its okay my child, it happens by mistake sometimes).

Trains journeys are short for some people while for the others its long. Sometimes I wonder how far a person is going to travel…while I’m just traveling for an hour or two. Once I get down at my destination. Some other person will take my seat and move on in his journey ahead. The person whom I spoke to an hour back will now talk to the person there. I have such random thought which some times make no sense at all 😝

Life is full of journeys and meeting different people everyday in our life. No person is ever the same. Everyone is different, everyone is unique 😁

– Jessica Pancholi


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