Aaah! I love this place! Emotions at this place are so real and so true!

I have always cherished my visits to the airport. I love observing the people. True faces of everyone can be seen. The joy they have of receiving a loved one or the sadness they have when the loved ones goes off to another city or country. Life is made up of smiles and tears. An equally balanced life! Observing is kind of an art for me, not everyone can observe. I think more then I speak and I observe more then any one does!

Airports are like a Bollywood drama movie. But this drama is real and it touches your soul. Not all Bollywood movies touches the soul.

Every time someone in my family comes or goes, I always make it to the airport. The world there is just so different and amazing! Seeing people from every corner of the world, the beautifully dressed air hostess’, the suave pilots, the hard working ground staff, etc.

Everything is just so perfect at the airport…just like how movies are perfect!

– Jessica Pancholi


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