The hardest word to ever tell someone!

Some people very easily say goodbyes to us silently and disappear in thin air…have they ever thought how we feel? Well, why would they think about us. People are selfish! Hard truth…but the truth!

Why do people tend to become so cruel and feeling-less sometimes? People have just gone so much into themselves, that they don’t bother thinking about the other person. When we all know that life is not permanent, then why can’t we try and live a happy life and also let others live happily?

Goodbyes are said for some reasons. But its better if the reason is said too…at list the person will not sulk with the pain. We all hesitate in saying the first “Hello”  but we say “Goodbye” without even thinking for a second! Why are we so self centred that we don’t think about the other people who were in our life and just within a second we left them all alone!

Departures are really sad. But sometimes its the only thing we have. Yes, life is unfair at times too! We all know that when one door closes, there is always another one waiting to be opened. Its just that we have to be brave enough to move ahead in life.

Imagine that the person you talk to a lot and share all your secrets too…suddenly disappears one night? How would you feel?? INSECURE, right! You won’t know where to go find him, no contact through phone and no last messages left by that person. We won’t have any other person to talk to, we won’t know what to do in life because even for the smallest thing, we have asked that person if its right or not, we won’t have any aim because all of a sudden we feel so alone!

Life is all about loss and gain. We have to live with it, either we like it or not. We have no option!

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” – Rumi

– Jessica Pancholi


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