Memories…oh, the memories!

We all have memories. The good times we’ve spent with people we love. We always wish if we could pause those amazing moments in our life, don’t we? Well, I have always written down about the moments that have been the best ones.

Playing with ice cubes during the hot summers with friends, riding a scooter with my friend and her pet dog, climbing wooden stairs and making loud footstep noise, laughing insanely with friends that you can not stop even to take a breathe, late night rides in the city and laughing so much that you don’t see the speed breaker, a friend climbing the stairs fast and missing steps and falling with a loud sound, and many more.

Life is so much fun. Imagine if we had no memories, how would life be? Scary, wouldn’t it? There are some memories that we tend to forget over a certain period of time…I always make it a point to always write down my best moments. You should try it too… Imagine yourself looking at what you had written like maybe 2-3 years before! Won’t it be amazing recollecting all those memories? 😀 It feels amazing seeing all those memories flashing in front of you!

Everyone changes with time but only the memories remain! This is so sad when you realize that the people who mattered the most in your life has now changed with time. Well, this is life and we gotta deal with it!

“Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.” – Haruki Murakami

-Jessica Pancholi


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