Indian Weddings.


The wedding season is here and every one is gearing up to look their super best this season! From those shimmery stuff to mouth-watery food πŸ˜€ the most awaited season, The Big Fat Indian Wedding is here!

Shopping since months for the wedding, be it yours or someone in your family or a friend’s wedding! The shopping fever starts months before the BIG day.

I believe that girls go insane during the shopping…don’t we, girls??? Β From selecting what type of clothes you are going to wear, what color is in trend this season, how it will look on you, what hair style we will get done, the make up, the mehndi, our foot wear and many such things! Phew, we have got the energy to deal with all this πŸ˜›

Be it a wedding of someone in the family or a friend’s wedding, we make sure that we look the best! After all, dressing up for girls never ends πŸ‘Έ We believe in a life full of glam and glory. We get things in every range and the good thing is that even if it is a less budget shopping, you feel and look beautiful only if you have got the confidence to carry yourself!

The wedding lasts for around 3-4 days and is filled with love, laughter, joy, Bollywood themes and not to forget FOOD 🍝 haha! Some people are believed to attend weddings just to have the cuisine 😜

The fun we all have when our home is filled up with our relatives…the moments we share with our aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews πŸ™‚ we wish that time doesn’t slip away fast…but it always does!

So girls and guys, make the best of this season. Fill it with warmth and colors of happiness. Live the moments and make sure you make them memorable 😁

– Jessica Pancholi


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