24 hours awake.

Yes, you read the title to this post correct! Mumbai is a city which we all believe is always awake and offers different things to people. Being born in this city, I am proud of being a Mumbaikar! Well, who’s not?

Didn’t have the privilege to stay long in this city and got to a western country instead! Not bad thou…as experience and change is necessary in one’s life! I am back in this city as an intern in an art and design agency and everything seems to be going right 🙂 The joy of traveling in trains and buses, getting stuck in traffic while in an auto, the early morning prayers from nearby temples and mosques, people always in a hurry to reach a certain place, tourists at the beach, the vada pav wala selling fresh vada pav, people squeezing in the trains during peak hours and many more things…Mumbai is so much more!

Danny Boyle once quoted, “Its not so much what you learn about Mumbai, its what you learn about yourself, really. Its a funny old hippie thing, but it’s true as well. You find a lot about yourself and your tolerance, and about your inclusiveness.” This is very true, I had been to Mumbai 2 years back for an internship and this is actually the reason that brought me back here this time again. Learning about yourself is really important in one’s life.

The trains here at Mumbai play a significant role in every individuals life. The trains are the life line of this city. Without them, the city is dead! Traveling during peak times is kind of a nightmare, but nevertheless it’s kind of fun too 😛 Some days back I was at the Borivali railway station and people were gushing in and out of the trains like a volcano about to erupt 🌋 sometimes it’s so funny to see specially when people try getting in the train which is fully packed and a person shouts out saying, “come and stand on my head!” 😂 Standing on the platform, I was literally laughing! 😂

Oh Mumbai, you’re so damn amazing! Here people seem to be on their own and that is really good in some cases. Like recently on my way back home from the railway station, I slipped on the stairs…and that was really very embarrassing (yes, some people behind me might have laughed too!) well, I do not mind that because I laughed at myself too 😀 I seriously don’t remember the last time I fell.

Mumbai is a day and night city. We all know that, I am sure. The Mumbai shore is awake both day and night. It feels just amazing during the night, when starry lights are lit at the food stalls. It feels dreamy 😍 won’t it?? You can sit all by yourself at marine drive and just see the city skyline for hours! You definitely won’t get bored 🌇🌆🌃 The place is so peaceful thou it has other people around too!

What I really love while I am at the Juhu beach are the airplanes that take off from the airport close by…I cherish seeing them. As a child, I always dreamed to be a flight attendant, but we all know that not every dream comes true. So whenever an airplane would fly in the sky, I always turn up to it and that gives me peace ✈

Well, Mumbai being the city of dreams, always fulfills your dream sooner or later…patience is what we all need. People here have infinite dreams, and if one dream isn’t fulfilled the other dream will definitely be 🙂 We all need to struggle to get what we want. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you learn a lesson! Few year back, I read a book by Kanika Dhillon named “Bombay Duck is a Fish”, that book has a quote which describes Mumbai in an amazing and true way, “Mumbai: Take whatever it is you want from me. If you want to be found, this is the place to be. If you want to be lost, this is the place to be.” Such a strong quote this is, I must say!

Mumbai gives its cent percent when it comes to shopping and we all agree to it, don’t we? You only need to know how to bargain 😛 We have infinite options for street shopping in whatever we want to buy like Colaba Causeway, Hill Road, Fashion Street, Linking Road and many more 👠👗👚👜👒💄🎀
The night life here is not less! Well, how could it be less! The night during the weekends seem to be amazing…people gracefully dressed up and going to bars 🍺 and discos 💁

Well, being in this city is really amazing! It motivates and inspires you a lot to move towards your dreams. After all, our dreams define us!

Some of my friends shared their views about Mumbai which brought bliss to me:

“For the love birds, there’s privacy.. The hand in hand walk on the Queen’s Necklace is something to cherish lifelong.. The chowpatis- Juhu and Girgaon – give u a personal zone amidst crowd..” – Pranav Pancholi (Chartered Accountant)

“For a Delhi girl who likes hanging out more with her girl friends than her guy friends, Mumbai feels like a safer bet when it comes to going out after the sun has gone down.
The city is on a roll like 24×7. Autorickshaws and cabs are available whenever you need them. I have had to use them a lot of times at odd hours. The first time I had packed up from work really late, around 2am, I just didn’t understand how I was gonna go back home. The production team had told me they’ll drop me somewhere close to my place and then I could just hire an autorickshaw. It seemed absolutely weird to me since I had recently moved from Delhi. But I wasn’t alone on the roads at that hour. It was surprising how the city let out a safe vibe.
Mumbai feels like a better home to me. Luckily, the city kinda embraced me and I embraced it back. We might have our issues but so far, we’ve been together.” – Akansha Sareen (Actress/Model)

“There’s something about this city of dreams which makes me want to call it my second home (and no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I have so many friends and family living in Mumbai). The salty sea breeze, crowded trains and buses, historic buildings, modern sea link, nukkad wali chai and vada pav, posh malls and quaint cafes seamlessly blend together to give this city a mesmerising charm you wouldn’t really find anywhere else.” – Vishwa Jardosh (Content & Marketing Associate)

– Jessica Pancholi


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