A Letter to my Future Husband

To my Future Husband,

I thought that I should write you a letter so that you can understand how I am. Well, currently while writing this letter I am blushing by just imagining us spending our life together! I can’t believe it yet that we are going to go for a mega M in some months. I have a lot of things going on inside my mind and I can’t decide what I should tell you first! I get super confused in this big world…I can’t decide between wearing a denim or a skirt or between having a ponytail or just put up a messy bun! But, yes things do make sense later on 😄 I will be going through a lot of mood swings in 24 hours. Some will be entertaining while some will be difficult. We all know that every girl has mood swings and we can not live without them…right girls 😉

A wedding based on mutual decision is surely going to be smooth, no doubt. These 24 years of my life, I have made my own decisions…some have been amazing while some have gone wrong. The best thing is that I have learnt from the wrong decisions I have made. We have infinite things to learn from each other! I want us to respect each other’s decisions, each other’s independence and cherish each other as individuals. We aren’t the same but we can always make each other happy 😁

I am very nervous for the big day, and I know you are nervous too. I like my freedom and I make my own decisions. Our society especially says that a person like me will never care for your family and that I will never make an effort to make your dreams come true. Warning: Do Not Believe Them. I will love your family as much as I love mine and I want us to make an effort to fulfill each other’s dreams together.

I have been told that the boy I marry will have his demands, his dreams and his ideas about the type of life that I have to lead with you. I am willing to make my share of sacrifices. I have my dreams too, my demands and I know that when we talk to each other, we’ll figure out a way to walk side by side on this road. Who said that we have to live by the rules that the society has about marriage?

Everyone has different ideas on how they want to live their life. You will have your own idea and I will have my own. I love my work a lot. But that does not mean that I will not take care of your home or you. I plan to balance my professional and personal life with some support from you. I do not believe that it is only a man’s duty to earn! We are partners in everything right?

I usually feel left out mostly when I am having my bad days. Will you sit close with me and hold me close? At such times, I need warmth, understanding and acceptance. I like being pampered but sometimes, I like being alone left to read or write something and this may happen quite often  so maybe you may find this behavior a little distant. I will obviously love the things that we will do together and I am really looking forward for that time but you may like some and you may dislike some! Will you accept me and love me for who I am?

I usually cry over a silly remake made by someone or crib about my tummy fat and constantly think if I will ever do something nice in life. I have my set of insecurities and I want to know yours too! I want to wake up to yo every morning, make breakfast for you and to hand you your towel when you forget it before you shower. I want to travel the world especially Disneyland 🏰 with you and to have endless conversations. I want us to be an old couple who are so crazy about each other  I want to grow old with YOU.

I am still like a child…I like watching Disney movies, I watch cartoons, sometimes when I am bored and have nothing to do I’ll be playing online dress up games! I hope you will be okay with this!


Your future wife ❤

– Jessica Pancholi


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