Happy Birthday to us!

On 2nd August 2015, I hit “Publish” on the very first post Life. Yes, it’s been an year since I started writing this blog…what an amazing year it has been. Time surely flies way too fast! People have appreciated my work and that feels really good. Well, it was not at all easy running a blog while studying and having other activities too. I would sit down with my blog usually at the end of the day when the nights were warm and silent. That is when I would be able to think peacefully and write my heart out. I hope you’ve had an amazing ride with me so far (Yes, I know that I have made long gaps in between…but now things have been sorted a bit and I will be having at the minimum 2 posts per month).

I would like to share somethings that I learnt in the 1st year of blogging.

1. There is no ‘Perfect Moment’

I was talking to a friend who stays at Canada thru Facebook about my dreams and ambitions in life. We had been talking to each other day and night and the time difference could not stop us. That is when he suggested that I should start a blog and express my life thru it, and so my very first post had to be about Life! Actually, I wanted to start blogging years ago but I always thought how people would react to my writing and what if they do not appreciate it.

But today with appreciations from people around the globe, I have had an amazing blogger-life journey so far and  I have also landed in an amazing full time job with a content writing website!


No matter how much you share on social media, not everyone will appreciate your work and that is perfectly fine. Not everyone will understand why you blog and just for the sake of ‘liking’, they will hit the like icon/button without clicking the link that leads to the blog. I have faced this during the initial months…so now I just share it on my social media pages on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/thejessicapancholi/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/thejessicapancholi/). I have also linked my twitter (https://twitter.com/jezz4u) to this blog.

In my posts so far, I have always made connections with the reader which feels as if we are talking as friends…and why not? This makes the reader come back and a bond is created.

3. Support

I received most of the support from my family and some friends but what has been surprising is the support from outsider – the people I did not know about! I am so grateful to all my supporters. The most surprising thing was that I expected some of my childhood friends to be the most supportive but they turned out to be the least supportive and were disinterested in what I did. When I would see the statistics page, I would have readers from all around the globe and unlikely places! This has been a surprise to me.

4. Social Media is my BFF!

As a blogger, I have embraced the infinite possibilities from the social media. We live in a time where you can like Deepika Padukone’s pictures, send Jowairiyya Khan a Snapchat and direct message Forever21 on Instagram. People are discovered every single day through these platforms, so I have stayed engaged with my Instagram followers, made a few tweets and shared some Facebook posts.

Do connect with me on facebook, twitter and instagram. I will be soon on snapchat too.

This one year has been so exciting and I am looking for double excitement now! Looking forward to a new year filled with love and blessing. Stay tuned for more exciting articles as I am looking forward to write on…shh! just stay tuned 😉

– Jessica Pancholi


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