Heli Daruwala Speaks

Hello people!

I know you were all eagerly waiting for this interview…so here I am with an interview with the one and only Heli Daruwala! We all know that this beauty is a famous and well-known television actress and model who hails from Surat (Gujarat, IN). I personally have admired this beauty from her first television show, Humse Hai Life! She began her TV career with the show Love U Zindagi of Star Plus. Later she was seen in shows like Khotey Sikkey, Suvreen Guggal as Alisha Dewan, Humse Hai Life as Saloni and Nisha Aur Uske Cousins as Kirti.

Well, let’s not waste time and get started! So it begins like this…

Jessica: We come from a society where a career in modeling is not much appreciated by everyone. Did you have another career option? How did you deal with this situation?

Heli: I would never change my career option on the basis of how  people appreciate my profession. Acting was always my passion and I love being in front of the camera. I am blessed to be surrounded by supportive people. Completing my education was also very important and I loved studying and wanted to be a doctor. I graduated as a dentist (B.D.S) and then followed my passion for acting and it just turned out amazing for me.

Jessica: How did you bag the role of Saloni in Humse Hai Life? How did you feel when you saw the first episode of Humse Hai Life on TV?

Heli: Humse hai life was the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. I am so glad I went for the meeting of the show, followed by look tests. I made amazing friends who are my best friends now, an awesome team and together I also learnt so much in the process of making the show. I was certainly very thrilled, happy and nervous to see myself on television!

Jessica: After joining this industry, it might be tough coming home all the time. How did you feel the first time when you came to Surat as a celebrity?

Heli: No matter however busy I am, I take out time and visit home every month. People in Surat have always given me so much love and it always feels nice to be back home.

Jessica: It has been quite some time that you started your career in the television industry. How has your journey been so far?

Heli: Yes, it has been 4 years and the journey has been awesome. I still have a long long way to go though, and I am thankful to God for making me live my dream. My family has always been there for me. It is really thrilling,surprising and exciting to know that so many people know me and love my show.

Jessica: There are so many young girls and guys who are struggling in the same career field as you. How would you like to motivate them?

Heli: I always believe in hard work. There is nothing that you cannot achieve if u decide to go for it and give your all. Some things take time, but if you really really want it and work for it, it will come to you when you need it the most. So be focused and work hard. Be happy and grateful even with the slightest progress you make. Good things take time. There is nothing that is not possible. Do not be disheartened with failure. Take it as a challenge to work on yourself and be better every time.

Jessica: You have been amazing on television so far. When are we going to see you in Bollywood?

Heli: Wow, that is very sweet of you to say and I am humbled to know this. Well, I have just finished working on a Bollywood feature film! You will know about it soon.

Jessica: You being a Surti, tell us something about your childhood days and something about Surat as a city.

Heli: Childhood days at Surat have been the best days. I studied in Lourdes Convent school and my school friends are still my closest of friends and will be for a lifetime. I love Surat festivals like Navratri and I don’t ever miss it. I also miss cold cocoa and locho and my mouth is already watering thinking about it. It is because of my family and my school that taught me everything I know today, inspired me, kept me grounded always, and its only because of them that I could stand on my feet and go to another city all by myself and achieve what I have today.

So here ends the interview. I must say that Heli is a really down to earth person and I am really glad that I got a chance to have an interview with her and have it featured here on my blog. Here’s a message for you Heli – “We have not met and we don’t even know each other personally, but I am really proud of you and all that you have achieved! Through this interview, you have shown people that they have to believe in their dreams and work hard towards it. Nothing is easy in life, but nothing is impossible too! I am desperately waiting to see your Bollywood movie.”

– Jessica Pancholi


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