Rose Dawson

Hello People!

This is my first product review article.

Some days back I was surfing the net as I wanted to gift myself a cosmetic product for no special occasion. I love gifting myself lovely things. Being a lover of lipsticks and eye makeup, I finalized on getting a lipstick. So far I have lipsticks in shades of red and orange. This time I decided to get a shade in pink.

I came across SUGAR Cosmetics and being a Graphic Designer too…the packaging and design attracted me. Well done Team Beard Design! I somehow knew that I am going to buy a lipstick from Sugar itself. I really loved the introduction, “SUGAR Cosmetics is crafted for the woman who refuses to be stereotyped into roles. Makeup that challenges the status quo. Unapologetically bold yet approachable. Generous yet budge proof. High on style and higher on performance, SUGAR is you. We believe you can make heads turn wherever you go and wear your attitude on your sleeves. We believe in having your back when you’re short of a back-up plan. We believe you should own your personality, not just wear it. For us, makeup is not just a necessity; it’s a statement that says, “I am beautiful but a dash of lipstick every once in a while makes me feel sexy”. We know there is a lot that goes into looking gorgeous which is why SUGAR Cosmetics complements the sweet & sassy side of you. Our products are everything you need to look stunning while you’re on the go; you might just fall in love with yourself all over again. That’s the power of SUGAR which lasts long, really long.”

SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick that is available in 5 gorgeous shades to suit your taste & your ever-changing mood! Super long-lasting and highly pigmented so you don’t have to worry about constant re-application, this must-have crayon lipstick has a soft texture with a silky matte finish.

  • Feeling confident & sexy? Flaunt a classic red pout with the Scarlett O’ Hara shade – that’s guaranteed to make heads turn!
  • Want to go bare-faced with a pop of color? Say hello to Mary Poppins! It is an eye-catching Fuchsia shade that can never go unnoticed.
  • A classic shade that can instantly add a touch of mystery to your entire look, Poison Ivy is hot on the runway and a must-try shade for those who love to experiment!
  • Want to pull off dramatic eyes and come out as a winner? Holly Golightly is the way to go! This peachy shade goes well with elaborate eye make-up & can also be used every day for a natural look.
  • Set hearts aflutter with beauty, grace and a dollop of passion with Rose Dawson – the perfect rose pink shade whose timeless appeal is sure to win the world around you!

I went through the list of lipsticks they have and the recently introduce Rose Dawson which is Rose pink in color caught my eyes! “Set hearts aflutter with beauty, grace and a dollop of passion with Rose Dawson – the perfect rose pink shade whose timeless appeal is sure to win the world around you!”  I had to buy that. So ya, I bought that and in 2 days time, I received my Rose Dawson.

So here is my review on Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick 05 Rose Dawson:

I was heads over heels when I received the box in the mail. It was safely packed in a bubble wrap (I love bubble wraps a lot!). In the amazing packaging was the beautiful and cute matte black crayon lip pencil with a color coded end. The cap of the crayon lipstick shuts tightly and makes the product really trustworthy and very travel friendly! This crayon is creamy and smooth. So before applying this crayon, exfoliation on the lips is required. Exfoliated lips will be smooth and will cover the flows. It truly is matte and makes your lips look smoother. As it is creamy, it will not dry out your lips. The pigment is amazing. This crayon comes with a sharpener which I personally feel that it causes a bit of wastage to the product. I am looking forward for more matte shades! This product is dermatologically tested & safe for your skin. These lipsticks can last up to 6 hours. This is my first matte lipstick and I adore it.

I recommend Rose Dawson Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick to every person who loves rose pink color. These crayon lipsticks are extremely smooth, super pigmented, with the range of colors as they fit in the budget and are high-quality.

I give this crayon a 4.9/5.0

– Jessica Pancholi

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