Let’s talk accessory with Flaunt Couture

Jewellery is one thing which all the females love. It is something that delights all of them. But here we have one designer who not only designs for females but also has things for males!

Today, we have one amazing accessory designer who runs her brand named “Flaunt Couture”. I am sure you might have come across her products whenever you have visited festive exhibitions. So we had an amazing talk with Prakruti Doshi, the lady behind everything beautiful. We got to know about her journey from how she started to where she is now…read on as it may inspire you as well!

Jessica: Tell us something about your label “Flaunt Couture”.

Prakruti: Flaunt Couture actually means to flaunt things that you get customised. My accessories are something different and unusual and always tend to stand out from the rest. And very soon I am also planning to start a clothing line which will come under the same label.

Jessica: There are so many jewellery designers who have their unique designs. How do you define your accessories?

Prakruti: Yes there are infinite unique designers out there whose designs are just marvellous. I am a fashion designer with no major in accessory designing. But still I feel what designs I create are from within me and not copied ones or monotonous. I try to create designs that kind of break the boring looking regular accessories to something unique. Moreover I make each and every piece on my own so that is the most unique part as I give a personal touch to every design I create.

Jessica: You have studied fashion design. How did you fall in love with jewellery and accessory designing?

Prakruti: One day we had this amazing accessory designing workshop which did not catch my interest on the first day but few days later I just thought of trying something. My mom really appreciated it as she found it unique. She told me I should try out more things and so that is how Flaunt Couture began!

Jessica: Who has been your support and motivation system since your day one of accessory designing?

Prakruti: I will not lie saying this but since day one it is my MOTHER who has been supporting me. She saw the unique and unusual creativity in my work and hence motivated me to move forward. From my family, she was the first to know about my interest in this field and slowly other members also got to know about it.

Jessica: Any celebrity accessory designer you admire?

Prakruti: Not a celebrity accessory designer but yes I love PRERTO. The stuff they manufacture is amazing and mesmerizing. I also admire ETSY as it has many accessory designers who create handmade stuff which is just unbelievable!

Jessica: Out of all your designs, which is your favorite and why?

Prakruti: It is so difficult to select and point out which one is my best design! But here some of my personal favourites…


The first one is the most classic choker neck piece. It is the easiest thing that you can carry on any type of dress and ultimate light weight accessory.

Bracelets for men or couple is my favourite thing. It is so classy and nice to make something that attaches two souls.

The last piece I feel this is innovative with lovely colours and the chandbali pieces used in this are unique in its way. Moreover this piece cannot only be worn on ghagra choli but also on casual kurtas or dresses!

Jessica: What is so special in your accessories that people should not miss to buy it?

Prakruti: It is all my love and efforts and my mind that has taken all the soul to create beautiful designs for people. And I handcraft them myself which makes them more special. It’s not only for girls but for boys too. We have everything for everyone. No one goes sad.

Jessica: You’ve been actively showcasing your label in exhibitions. How did people respond on your very first exhibition and how did you feel?

Prakruti: Yes I have been putting up shows since 1 year and 5 months and it’s amazing. My first exhibition was amazing and a memorable one. Why? Because I started off at 10 AM and by 3 PM I sold out 95% of my products and my customised order book was carrying 60 orders. Now you know why it’s was so good!

Jessica: What are your dreams and how do you plan to implement it?

Prakruti: My dream is to reach a greater height to put up my accessories in big branded stores and online too. But most importantly I want to create a trend wherein people first buy the accessories from Flaunt Couture and then get their dress or then buy the dress which matches the accessory they have bought.

We wish you all the success Flaunt Couture!

– Jessica Pancholi


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