5 Reasons to have a crush on Gaurav Paswala

gaurav-paswalaGaurav Paswala – This is one sexy man I have seen in the Gujarati Film Industry! From looks, to talent, to communication skills, to appreciation and to gratitude…This man has got everything that makes him a Gentleman. He started his career in the entertainment industry by serving tea and biscuits while being part of a theatre group…and now this man has started working in a Hollywood film. Yes, hard work and patience is what is required to be a successful person.

Here are 5 reason why we have a crush on Gaurav:

  1. Down To Earth – I met Gaurav during the preview of his Gujarati movie “Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish” and he talked to me as a friend. He behaves like a common man which makes it fun to talk to him. I did not even feel the slightest arrogance in him which makes him an amiable and fun loving person.
  2. Hard Working – Having studied BBA, he later moved to Sydney to do his Masters in Accountancy and then worked for a few years. He then moved back to India and joined a theatre group where he could catch up with the Hindi diction. He did not lose hope when all he had to do was serve tea and biscuits to his co-actors while doing theatre. Though he felt insecure of leaving a secure job and happy lifestyle in Australia, he took everything in a positive manner and moved on. He went back to Australia and worked as a Radio Jockey and flew back to India within 6-8 months leaving his wonderful work and life he had in Sydney. Since then, he has not looked back!
  3.  Looks – Though he calls himself an average looking guy, I personally believe he looks hot…hot as in “SMOKING H-O-T”. I saw him for the first time at a flea market where the cast of Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish did a small promotion of their movie. I could not take my eyes off him. A hunk in blue denims paired with a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket!
  4. Fun Loving – I had got an opportunity to take an interview of him regarding his life story so far (Gaurav Paswala shares Bits from his life!) and this man really is full of colors. I met him in person once but have talked to him so much on social media. Even when I decided to write this article, I asked him if it is okay…and he replies “you are going to make a brown guy go pink…”!
  5. Always There – He is always there for his people. He believes in listening to people rather then speaking about himself. Being an actor, most of them like showing off themselves. Whereas, Gaurav prefers being all ears. Actually when I met him in person, he was standing in a corner instead of being the centre of attraction. He is more interested to know about you rather then talking about himself!

Wishing you all the best for your future projects Gaurav! Cannot wait to see you again on the silver screen and in person too!

Pictures courtesy: Manan Desai

– Jessica Pancholi


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