A la mode talks with The Trunk

The world runs on fashion, fashion and fashion! Everyone wants to be trendy and follow the latest trends in the world of fashion. Today we have Nupur who started her own label named The Trunk. Nupur shares her journey from being a BBA Graduate to a Fashion Designer.

Jessica: Tell us a little bit about your label and yourself.

Nupur: I am a BBA graduate and pursued a Fashion Design course two years back. The Trunk is an à la mode label that illustrates the exquisite outfits to create an edgy and distinctive look. It is a mixture of traditional and modern designs.

Jessica: What is different in your label that people should buy from you?

Nupur:  I personally believe that my label serves the purpose of my clients according to their needs and taste which makes them more comfortable in their own skin.

Jessica: Who has been your constant support and motivator?

Nupur: Right after my BBA graduation, I decided to plunge into Fashion Design and so I discussed the idea with my family and friends. Since then they have been my constant supporters and motivators!

Jessica: So many people graduate from fashion designing institutes which means there is a lot of competition. How do you handle this?

Nupur: Speaking of competition, I’d say that everybody designs the couture according to their individual ideas and concepts whereas I design it keeping in mind the needs of my clients as a priority. Every person in the field of Fashion has their own way of thinking out the ideas and portraying them visually. Creativity is a vast thing wherein infinite number of people plunge in.

Jessica: If you get a chance to design an outfit for a Bollywood Celebrity what would you design and for which celebrity (male and female)?

Nupur:  It would be a dream come true! Since ethnic is my designing genre,  I would love to design a “Saree” for is Madhuri Dixit and a “Sherwani Pyjama” for Ranbir Kapoor.

Jessica: Being a fashion designer, who is your favourite Indian celebrity designer and why?

Nupur: My favourite Indian celebrity designer is none other than Sabyasachi Mukherjee. His designs are very intricate, fusion of styles, patch-works, embellishments, vibrant colours and much more.His signature style is originality!

Jessica: Tell us something about your collection.

Nupur: My collection comprises of both-ethnic as well as western designs. Creating an amalgamation of traditional and modern designs creating a unique style radar.


Jessica: What is your favourite thing about being a fashion designer?

Nupur:  Being a fashion designer, it gives me a platform to put in my ideas and creativity in my designs…. That is the best part!

We wish you luck and do achieve great success in your career.

– Jessica Pancholi


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