This Is Not Your Story // Book Review

Sometimes you do not write your story, it writes you. You don’t choose your story, it chooses you. But would you believe it if someone told you, ‘This Is Not Your Story’? Would you have the courage to rewrite it?

Savi’s writing has always created magic. The characters in this story are heart touching and makes the reader go through a bucket full of emotions. Some chapters made me sad, some made he laugh while some made me love myself before I love others. It made me realise that one should love themselves first and then only they can love another. Instead of reading the story, I sort of lived in the story. I would feel Shaurya, Anubhav, Miraya and Kasturi around me. Every characters struggles and pain had connected to me along with every single word about living your life, chasing your dreams and fulfilling them. The characters are softly and smoothly woven together. One tends to see a reflection of themselves in all the characters.


Shaurya’s journey has tremendously inspired me and I am sure it has done the same with you. From being under constant pressure of his parents to leaving everything behind to pursue his dream career and also confessing his love. People around you may judge you with negative vibes which generally demotivates a person, but you need to believe in yourself and close the doors and windows which bring in negativity. With the encouraging words and help from Miraya, Shaurya believed in himself and finally moved towards his dream.


Miraya has deeply inspired majority of the readers. Having a bad past, she has lost faith in love and therefore has a broken heart. We realise that even in the 21st century, there are men who become egoistic and insecure when their wife gets recognition in her field of work. Soon she finds freedom and hope to move ahead in life without any obstacles in between. Having a heart filled with pain, she motivates Shaurya and Anubhav to achieve their dreams and to give life a chance. Her diary is one of the best parts in the novel wherein she mentions about her daily dose of adventure and the things that are in her heart.


Anubhav is one such character which reminds us that along with career, goals and ambitions one must not forget their parents. Once you start a business, life truly gets tough! Sometimes you even tend to move out from your comfort zone and step into the big challenging world. Some devastating thing happens to him in some time. Being in a horrible and shabby state, the business he created starts to fall down and he takes up on smoking and drinking. His journey back to Jaipur introduces him to Shaurya, Miraya and Kasturi. These three help Anubhav come out from his shabby lifestyle and Miraya’s motivation helps him give himself another chance to live life. He understands the value of life and soon finds his love for Miraya.

Overall Review:

This story is packed with so many emotions and 14th February was the perfect date for the release! The language used is pretty clear and simple. Savi describes the true meaning of love, courage, dreams, friendship, goals and family.

The reader gradually becomes a part the story and shares his/her life with Shaurya, Kasturi, Miraya and Anubhav. As I previously mentioned, ‘Instead of reading the story, I sort of lived in the story.’ This is one of those books which you can read it in one sitting. It is live, fresh and interesting.

I would suggest everyone who hasn’t yet read the book to buy it soon from Amazon and start reading (read living) the book!


(Waiting for your next book already)

– Jessica Pancholi


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