A Blogger’s Journey: Pallavi Ruhail

Hello people!

Today we have the amazing blogger who is well known for her lifestyle blogs! She is a Doctor by degree and one definitely wouldn’t have imagined her to be a Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger! Having a serious affair with fashion and beauty, she launched her very on blog by the name That Delhi Girl…Delhi being her home definitely had a special place in her heart.

So let us get to know her up close and personal!


Jessica: Tell us something about yourself that not many people are aware of.

Pallavi Ruhail: That I have an IQ of 141 haha…that kind of makes me restless too because I have an hyperactive mind and I am always thinking what more can I do. I am right now working on a book, fiction, this may take months of course but that’s what I am doing these days. I just want to do a lot of things.

Jessica: You’re a Doctor by profession so from where did That Delhi Girl come?

Pallavi Ruhail: As I previously mentioned that I want to do lot of things, I am just one of those people who can’t stay in a box. I feel this need to get out of my zone and try my hands at different things. So that’s how the blog happened. I always had a thing for fashion and style, and when I started my blog, around 3 and half years back, it was more like an creative outlet for the soul. Taking it up full time wasn’t a part of my plan but I am not complaining!

Jessica: How were your initial years of blogging?

Pallavi Ruhail: It was more like a hobby for me when I started out, so I was never stressed about it. It was fun, I would share whatever I wanted to and people were responding positively to it so that kept me going.

Jessica: Who and what inspired you to become a blogger?

Pallavi Ruhail: No one in particular. I just took it up as a hobby and things just got better as I was sincere with my work.

Instagram by Pallavi Ruhail
Jessica: There are many fashion bloggers, so what is that one thing that sets you a part from the rest?

Pallavi Ruhail: I think each blogger has a different personality which is what you carry in your blog. Just like no individual can be the same, same way no two blogs can be same, unless you try to imitate someone. So I don’t want to draw a comparison as to how am I different in a good way or bad, it’s just that I have a different personality, way of writing or presenting my content and creative ideas and that just keeps it different.
Jessica: Which fashion bloggers inspire you?

Pallavi Ruhail: Chiara Ferragni for sure, she’s not just a blogger but a brand now. She has a very successful shoes and bags line, she’s been on every possible magazine you can imagine, Vogue to Forbes and they have a chapter on her in Harvard for one of their brand management courses. I don’t think it can get better than that!
Jessica: You’ve recently moved abroad. How does it feel?

Pallavi Ruhail: It’s nice, change is always good!

Jessica: If not a Doctor and Blogger, then who?

Pallavi Ruhail: Hoping to finish that book eventually and maybe get into that author zone! Then there’s always a scope of starting your own business. I just don’t want to settle down with one tag!

Jessica: Hyderabad, Delhi or Florida? Why?

Pallavi Ruhail: Delhi any day! It’s home, that’s where I grew up! Delhi is like my city!

Jessica: Being a wanderlust, which place are you desperately waiting to explore?

Pallavi Ruhail: Since we are in Florida, Shitiz and I are currently trying to focus on places in the US itself for sometime but I really want to get to Europe sometime, there are a lot of countries I want to see in Europe, it’s beautiful!

Jessica: What does wanderlust mean to you?

Pallavi Ruhail: Always lusting to explore a new place

Jessica:  Has social media ever been a nightmare to you?

Pallavi Ruhail: Not really! I mean I practically get cyber bullied everyday, be it hate messages or just something vulgar. I have had all my accounts hacked but again it didn’t bother me much. I mean it’s upon you, you cannot let social media or your virtual life control you or your life, you shouldn’t let it get to your head.
Her Wedding Story on WedMeGood

Jessica: Recently read your article about your wedding. How did it feel when you had to move out from Delhi and fly all the way to the south?

Pallavi Ruhail: No offense to anyone but I wasn’t a big fan of moving south but you gotta do what you gotta do. Hyderabad was mostly tough when I started blogging though because no brand wanted to work with anyone based that side of the country, so I did have some hard time about it but I think i managed just fine!
Jessica: Anything you would like to tell the young blood?
Pallavi Ruhail: Just be honest with your work, stay focused, don’t try to copy or imitate someone, follow your own path and do not ever compromise on your education/ academics.
Jessica: Hope you have a great time replying to the questions 🙂

Pallavi Ruhail: I did 🙂 Thank you!!
Mrs Pallavi has been an inspiration for me to start blogging. I never thought even in my dreams that one day I will have an interview with her and it will be here in front of all of you!
– Jessica Pancholi

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